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A better diapering


Welcome to Baby Bums Diapering Company! Jacksonville’s one and only premium cloth and paper diaper delivery service.

Welcome to Baby Bums,

FINALLY- a Comfortable,

Convenient & Cost-Effective Service!

Welcome to Baby Bums,

Save money

DID YOU KNOW? From infancy to training pants, an average baby could use nearly 7,000 disposable diapers, at a cost of between $.17 and $.25 per diaper. That adds up to over $1,500 in diapers for one baby. This could reduce that cost by as much as a thousand dollars per child!

Help the environment -it's obvious

We offer 100% natural cloth diapers. By choosing our diapers, you divert 7,000+ disposable diapers from landfills, leaving a better planet for our children!

Earlier potty training

On average, children who were used to cloth diapers were able to be potty-trained within 6 to 12 months compared to disposable-trained ones.

More comfortable

Our diapers are breathable & lightweight compared to airtight disposables. Your baby will feel better with our diapers resting gently on your baby’s bottom and allowing the skin to breathe naturally!

Who Are We?

Baby Bums is a premium diapering service company that launders and delivers premium fabric diapers at your doorstep! We aim to deliver the best diapering experience that you deserve!


Your baby

Natural fiber diapers thoroughly laundered without the use of harsh chemicals, reducing diaper rash and irritation on baby’s sensitive skin.



Your family.

Hassle-free service, modern & convenient cloth diapers are picked up after use, laundered and dropped off at your door, and are economically friendlier than the upfront cost of purchasing cloth diapers.



Our Environment.

We provide diapers that are made with natural fibers, are thoroughly cleaned in chemical-free plant-based detergent, and serve a much longer lifespan than disposables. Cotton and bamboo fibers breakdown in the environment quickly, drastically reducing the waste in our local landfills.



What We Offer:

Prefold with Snappies!

(The Classic 3 Steps!)


(2-Step; Cozy & Covered)


(1-Step; Modern & Most Convinent)

Nest Paper Diapers

(Soft Sustainable Materials)


Cloth Diaper Service

80 cloth diapers provided weekly

We pick up, launder and replenish your cloth diaper stash with clean diapers weekly

Combination Diaper Service

40 cloth diapers  PLUS 1 pack of Nest paper diapers provided weekly
(*Quantity of paper diapers vary depending on size) 

We pick up, launder and replenish your stash of cloth diapers AND provide you with a pack of Nest paper diapers for flexibility throughout your week.

What's Included?

All Services include: Diaper Pail, 2 Pail Liners, 1 Organic Diaper Balm

Wash at home also includes- 1 Detergent & 1 Pack Flushable liners

Add-on Services:

Covers (15 or 17)

Additional soakers (10 pack)

Cotton Wipes (60 or 30)

Pre-mixed Wipe Solution (Spray and/or pour)


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